Hide-and-Seek: Where To Play Your Favourite Childhood Game in Video Games


It is a fun idea to use multi-players games as a virtual game of hide-and-seek.

Some of the most famous video games are quite linear, where your entire experience revolves around the one primary goal and the game is over when you achieve it.

Others are more open-ended, allowing you unlimited access to the world developers created and interaction with other players – ones you may know or strangers from around the world.

The idea of using these games as a large, virtual game of hide-and-seek is intriguing and could provide a new night of entertainment for you and your friends.

Not only do you get the nostalgia, but you get the comfort of your living room and visual experience of the video game.

We have compiled a list of video games we think would work great for a game of hide-and-seek.

Among Us

Among Us is an extremely popular game right now, and involved characters on a space station, a number of them being hidden imposters set to kill the crewmates and win the game. This multiplayer game is a fantastic game to play hide-and-seek with your friends instead of participating in your tasks.

If you decide to choose this game, we’d recommend you putting the darkness setting at its highest level and instead of completing tasks, crewmates will hide from the imposter who will, as normal, run around and try to kill people.

This is a great way to still play Among Us while adding in some new (and old).

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered

It is so exciting that Electronic Arts are releasing a remastered version of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. This game was extremely popular when it first released on the PS2, allowing users to not only play as the speed racer but also as the cops arresting them.

The oversized courses in this game are fantastic for a virtual game of hide-and-seek, but it’s harder due to the size of the car. The map may be bigger, but that doesn’t make it easier; have fun trying to find a good hiding spot.


Another survival game where users are fighting over resources while dealing with the chaotic wilderness is Rust.

This style of game is perfect for hide-and-seek with some friends because of its non-combative servers.

Fair warning: all characters begin the game without clothes on.

Fortnight/Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

These two multiplayer combat games are great places to play a good game of virtual hide-and-seek with your friends and maybe even strangers.

The maps are covered in crumbling building and so many other fantastic hiding places. You can quite easily hide anywhere and everywhere.

One tip is to select a specific area of the map to play the game at once, as the entire map might be near to impossible for the other players to find each other.

Fortnight has the added bonus of users being able to construct their own hiding places.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

As if Animal Crossing: New Horizons could get any better.

If you’re bored of visiting islands, digging up weeds, shopping or maybe stealing fruit, then you need to try a game of hide-and-seek in Animal Crossing.

The trees, houses and varying landscapes provide the perfect location for endless hiding spots.

Also, from experience, playing the game inside the museum is just as fun (if not more) than playing outside.

Fallout 76

If you prefer massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), such as World of Warcraft, Fallout 76, Red Dead Redemption or Elder Scrolls Online, then this game is perfect for your virtual game of hide-and-seek.

There are almost endless opportunities to hide in the maps available in Fallout 76 – however, you must remember to watch out for enemies that randomly spawn in some places.

This game is free-to-play, which means you can get the virtual hide-and-seek experience without paying the price (unless you want accessories and other small items in the game).