Netflix Direct Being Tested in France


A new Netflix program is being tested in selected areas in France since November 5, 2020.

They are testing a linear content channel that combines broadcast and cable TV. The program will stream and be available through Netflix’s website browser.

The streaming services newest program allows subscribers to watch TV similar to the old television experience, creating a more linear format for their movie and TV show library.

Netflix has planned to release it more widespread in December.

Netflix Direct will be exclusive to those who are already subscribed to their streaming service. Selected movies and TV shows will be available on the service from the US, France and a variety of other places.

It has been announced that this launch was designed due to France’s large viewership and their tendency to prefer viewing programs without the interruption of selecting the next program.

According to Netflix, traditional TV is extremely popular in France, as their population want a casual, laid-back experience when it comes to watching television.  This is why they decided to trial the new service in France.

Netflix has once tested a similar tool similar to a shuffle button, where the program would play a random movie or TV show that it has recommended for the personal viewer.

If you miss the standard function of broadcast and cable TV, then you will love the new Netflix Direct.

Netflix’s “shuffle” button was released in August and is a potential alternative to the standard streaming services offered currently. This would allow users to scroll through random recommended movie and TV show options available on the service.

The difference between this tool and the new Netflix Direct, however, is that the new service is more like traditional TV, where all users will receive the same programs.

This service could be the answer to adding some of that traditional viewing experience to the streaming service trend. This is an added benefit to the list of strengths Netflix has built over the years, allowing you to channel surf and just watch TV on the couch.

This experiment could be significant for Netflix. We will have to wait and see if it works out and expands to more countries, with multiple more viewing preferences.

Netflix announced that its newest service will allow users to just watch movies and TV shows without having to decide from the plethora available on the streaming service. This also gives opportunities to experience new and different movies and TV shows that one might not necessarily engage with otherwise.

According to Netflix, the coronavirus pandemic has seen a large increase in their subscription numbers – 26 million users has signed up in the first half of 2020. These numbers are almost as much as the number that signed up in 2019.

One of the benefits of Netflix is that thousands of movies and TV shows are available at the touch of a button, but what if you are sick of choosing between them?

You will be able to access this new service on Netflix through the Direct link in the menu, which will provide you with a pre-programmed feed of not only TV shows but movies and documentaries. When using this service, it will be like traditional television, where you cannot rewind, and the programs will run in real-time.

Not to fear, however, as all of the programs available for that day will be shown in a grid for you to know what you’ll be watching.

The programs that will play on this service will not be catered towards the user’s personal taste like the usual Netflix interface. Instead, it will be comprised of movies and TV shows that are trending among the Netflix community as a whole.

For now, this feature will only be available for those using the desktop version, not the apps available on phones, tablets, TVs or cable boxes.

Netflix has yet to decide if their Direct service will be available widespread, however, it will hopefully be announced in December.