SUCCESS: The Aussie Business That Went From Broke to Millions


“We made more than 7 million dollars in sales last year.”

If you had asked Michael Richards if he’d thought he’d ever be successful in business, he would have given a bold ‘OF COURSE!’ — but that would really have been his characteristic over-confident answer to hide what what he really felt: that he was struggling to grow his business they way he always wanted to.

One afternoon in June 2018, he was looking at how his business had been performing, and he was horrified to see that his profits barely broke even. Having invested a lot time and money into starting his own business, he just wasn’t getting enough customers to keep the business sustainable.

“I was at the point where I didn’t have enough money to do anything on the weekends,” Richards says. ” I could’t see what the point owning my business was if I couldn’t be profitable.”

Thankfully, things went the other way for him.

Having read about the opportunity to grow his business with digital marketing, Michael was referred to SEO Advantage – a leading search engine optimisation (SEO) agency in Australia, to help him generate consistent customer leads.

At the time he thought it was unrealistic to succeed, but within just 6 months he was able to turn his business around through the use of their services.

The phone calls came frequently and he was signing up dozens of new customers every single week. Fast forward 1 year and his business is now one of the fastest growing freight and logistics companies in Australia, with over 7 million dollars worth of revenue in new client contracts.

Michael couldn’t believe how his business had turned around in a matter of months.

The growth my businesses has experienced has been phenomenal.

On the surface, it’s the dream growth story any business owner could ever have hoped for. But below board it wasn’t nearly as easy as it looked – but that’s where the skills of SEO Advantage came in. They successfully ranked his business’s website at the top of the Google search engine so that his potential customers would find his business easily. They did this by:

  • Making him the first business in the Google My Business listing
  • Making him the first business in the Google Organic listing
  • Making him the first business in the Google Ads listing

“The team at SEO Advantage were truly amazing.” “They managed to get my business dominating at the top of Google’s so that potential customer’s literally had no choice but to get in contact.” Michael says that we went from only a few enquires each week – to having to hire extra sales people to manage the influx of customer calls and enquires with a growth campaign they ran for him.

“I had to hire extra salespeople to deal with the influx of telephone calls and enquires”


It may seem seem like a hard result to achieve, but according to Michael, anyone an get the same result. “A lot of businesses are hesitant to have a marketing budget for SEO, but in this current digital age it’s something that can’t be ignored.” “The work that SEO Advantage did was focused on bringing in more customer traffic to my website and converting that traffic into leads.” “And that’s exactly what happened every week.”

For now Michael has the time to enjoy the fruits of his labour, but he also has growing profits each month to keep scaling his business and one day achieve his dream of expanding into one of Australia’s largest freight and logistics companies.

“And remember, don’t do anything that that’s not focussed on growing your business.” It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut.” “But the fact remains – if you don’t allocate money towards digital marketing, then how are you honestly meant to grow?” “Unless you’ve already got a huge customer base – and most businesses don’t – you need to speak to SEO Advantage to help you grow.”

Thinking of doing the same thing?

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