Fiverr Business: Fiverr’s New Business Feature Allows Your Team to Be Successful Every Time


Fiverr Business will help businesses and teams to manage their freelance projects.

Fiverr is an online marketplace that specialises in services for freelancers worldwide. Last week, Fiverr announced its newest feature: Fiverr Business, which has been designed to allow larger teams and companies to better manage when working with freelancers.

Micha Kaufman, CEO of Fiverr, has stated that while the company had previously begun working with sizeable clients, their new feature allows them to better help these large companies meet their needs and desires.

Organisations require tools to manage their team accounts, defining projects, assigning budgets, tracking progress and collaborating internally,” stated Kaufman.

“Fiverr Business provides all of that and much more, including exclusive access to Fiverr’s personal executive assistants which are always available to Fiverr Business customers to help with administrative account tasks, general project management, talent matching, and more.”

Further, Kaufman goes on to discuss the ways in which the current worldwide pandemic has forced countless companies to adopt revised work, therefore placing significant pressure and difficulties on their bottom lines.

Due to these changes, many of the affected businesses are turning to freelancers, claims Kaufman.

Credit: Fiverr

“2020 marks the beginning of a decade where businesses will invest and learn how to truly integrate freelancers into their workflows.”

How does Fiverr Business differ from the Fiverr Marketplace?

What separates Fiverr Business from the Fiverr Marketplace is that the former was designed with the intention of fostering and managing collaboration. Fiverr’s business tools provide customers with the ability to organise and manage all of their company or teams projects in one place, as well as budget, manage deliveries and communication.

On top of this, Fiverr Business allows a company’s team members to share payment methods as well as share and save market sellers to allow quick access later on.

Companies are also able to access a dedicated Fiverr Executive Assistant that will help them find the perfect seller.

How does the new service work?

Through Fiverr’s new business service, Fiverr Business, customers have a plethora of new advantages. Not only can users create projects, but they can set budgets for freelancers, assign team members to different projects.

From here, companies and teams can hire Fiverr freelancers and provide them with internal and external feedback on the products and services that they have provided.

Meidad Hinkis, Fiverr Group Project Manager explains that Fiverr Business provides teams with a curated set of freelancers.

He and Kaufman also make it clear that their users will have access to an assistant that will assist in managing projects and finding freelancers.

Payments and the overall experience with freelancers should remain virtually the same as the original Fiverr Marketplace.

Does Fiverr Business Cost?

Fiverr Business will cost a team or company $149 per year for up to 50 team users. However, Hinkis emphasises that Fiverr is offering the first year completely free.

“A Whole year to fall in love with Fiverr Business.”

In their first year free trial, Fiverr offers teams a personal Executive Assistant, a curated freelancer catalogue, tools that will help them to collaborate easier, customised management and budget flow, payment methods that are suitable for business and up to 50 users are included. If you need more than 50 users, they advise you to reach out to customer support to help you.

Fiverr Business’ catalogue of freelancers has been vetted and verified for you. If you’re unable to choose between freelancers, users can access the Executive Assistants that will help take the guessing and interviewing out of the process.

The new service will make collaboration between team members and managing projects so much easier. Collaboration, management, and feedback can all be done in one place.

Finally, the service will help users to simplify their budgets and manage it effectively by monitoring the progress of team members, approving transactions and setting attainable budgets.

To make it even better, Fiverr Business’ first year comes without any conditions that force users to commit for the second year.

“We so believe in product and the direction that we want people to get real value before they decide,” states Hinkis.