Google TV: How You Can Now Watch Everything In One Service


There is finally a TV streaming interface that is actually easier to use!

The television utopia of all our dreams has finally been achieved – since the original cable TV’s, we’ve been waiting for this to happen. However, our reality is still somewhat difficult.

Managing several movie and TV show streaming services can get frustrating, increasing users hopes for a way for all their movies and TV shows to be in one place.

Those prayers have been answers by Google’s new Chromecast. With this new device, users have the ability to access all of their streaming services at once.

What is new?

The newest Chromecast released by Google is a complete departure from the company’s previous releases relating to smart TV and streaming. Added to the small device is not only an interface but a remote control.

This update means that you can control your streaming services without your phone, which completely separates it from previous Chromecasts released by Google. While you can still use your phone to cast movies and shows to your TV or device, you will not have even more options.

The new interface is called Google TV, which has been loosely based on Android TV. However, things may be a bit confusing at first if you haven’t used existing devices such as Nvidia’s Shield TV.

Google TV will include apps for Netflic, Hulu, DIsney+, HBO Max, YouTube and many more. You can also search for movies and TV shows through the interface using your Google Assistant.

Another fantastic feature of Google TV is it’s library, where you can search through any movies and TV shows you have purchased or rented through their own Google TV store or YouTube.

On top of this, they have a Watchlist, which is the focus of our article.

Google Watchlist

The Watchlist feature was added to Google in April 2020. Not only can use this feature to search up movies and TV shows you are currently watching, have purchased or rented, but you can also use it as a bookmark tab and save movies and TV shows you’re interested into the list.

Now, this feature is available on Google TVs.

If you’re worried about the speed in which movies and TV shows will be added to your Watchlist, fear not. If you search up a movie and tap the Watchlist button, by the time you look it up, it will be in your library.

The new Chromecast is also really good for using your Google Assistant to search for shows.

The new updates to the Google Assistant make it more accurate and provide a faster response time. By holding down the button instead of simply tapping the button, your Google Assistant will better be able to judge when it should be listening and respond quickly to your command.

The New Google TV App

Google TV is the rebranded and renamed Play Movies and TV app previously released by Google. The major difference is that the app is now a library for all of your movies and TV shows, rather than a storefront for Google’s movies.

When you open the new Google TV app, you will be shown a variety of movies and TV shows that most likely comes from streaming services that you are subscribed to.

If you tap on a movie or TV show, the screen is extremely simple and very similar to the Chromecasts streaming selection screen. You will also be shown the best place to watch the movie or TV show with the option to choose from a variety of services.

This screen is also where you will add movies and TV shows to your Watchlist.

While growing the app, the information will be visible about its streaming service options or its price if no streaming service provides it.

With more streaming services being announced all the time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose where to watch a movie. Moreso, it is difficult to cast movies and TV shows to our TV’s since the removal or cable TV.

While Google’s solutions thus far have not been perfect, we are impressed with their significant progress over the past decade.