The Next Generation of XBOX: What You Need To Know about the XBOX Series X and S


A lot of promises from Xbox.

The new generation of Xbox gaming is complicated. Two new consoles have been announced by Microsoft recently: the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X. In addition to two consoles, Microsoft has made their first-party games available on their Xbox One and Windows PCs.

On top of this, Microsoft has announced a new game streaming service called xCloud. This service allows you to play many of their games without the Xbox hardware.

Microsoft tends to deliver big improvements with every launch, and this is no exception. Powerful graphics hardware will make games look nicer with realistic lighting technology. They’ve also included new fast solid-state storage that will allow their games to load quicker, which is a significant improvement from the Xbox One.

The Xbox series x and xbox series s are completely different consoles.

This console launch is completely different from the norm. Typically, Microsoft will release one console or hardware that has games made specifically for that hardware, forcing players to buy it.

However, this launch of two consoles provides a lot more freedom for buyers. Not only do they get new games, but these games will be different experiences on different devices. Further, the Series X is more powerful than any console Xbox have released thus far, including the Series S.

The New Consoles

A little boy playing the xbox in his room

The Xbox Series X and S will be released on November 10; costing $499 and $299 respectively.

While it is not abnormal for two pieces of hardware to be released on the same day, however, they rarely have such dramatic differences. The differences between these two consoles are significant and will completely alter the way games are played and experienced.

The Xbox Series X is targeted towards games that are run at 60fps with 4K resolution while the Xbox Series S is targeted towards running 60fps at 1440p resolution. The differences are similar to those between the Xbox One and Xbox X One. However, these two consoles will be available on the same day, rather than launching years apart.

Microsoft has an in-depth statement of the difference between these two consoles on their website.

There are a variety of similarities between the consoles. While the Series X has a 3.8GHz, slightly higher than the Series S, they both have 8-core CPUs. Both have 1TB storage with an expansion card. Both use HDMI 2.1. Both are compatible with a variety of older consoles released. Both have created more realistic lighting in their games. Both are compatible with Xbox One accessories.

A Microsoft Xbox One X

However, the differences are substantial. You will have to download your games onto the Xbox Series S, while the Series X comes with a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray drive. The Series X also comes with more internal storage and RAM, the S has 512 GB as opposed to the X’s 1TB and the S has 10GB RAM while the X has 16GB RAM. In terms of the physical consoles, the S will be one of the smallest Xbox consoles ever.

Games and Hardware

Microsoft has announced that these new consoles come with a variety of new games, which all make the most of the new hardware.

The biggest improvement made in gaming and hardware for these consoles is that the newest games will be available to play on current-gen consoles, including the PS4 and Xbox One, instead of being restricted to the new hardware.

In previous launches, Microsoft has made games exclusive to specific consoles, so this feature could be a significant departure from the way in which games have been manufactured in the past.


These consoles will be available through subscription and have the ability to play a variety of games previously exclusive to specific consoles. They have a new focus on PC gaming and streaming that allows a wider range of gaming.

There are significant similarities and differences between the Xbox Series X and S in relation to design, processing, graphics, storage, controlling, gaming, accessories and entertainment that make it easy for buyers to choose3 the right console for their needs and desires.

In their own ways, each console is decent with the information released by Microsoft.